Thursday, May 3, 2012

the one with some random pictures from the last week or two

i figured i would do a little blogging but i need to do this with as little brain work as possible. 
i'm pooped. and crazy me agreed to work all night tonight. that means i go in at 6pm and get off at 6am. 
with very little sleep and the sickies still trapped inside me. 
i'm far too stubborn to go to the dr. 

anyhoo. i thought i would share some pictures of what we've been up to lately. 

isn't he just the cutest little thing?! he kept bringing me flowers to 'make you fee betta!' pretty sure that didn't help with this whole allergy/sinus crap but i had to smell them and keep them til they withered away. he worked hard to find those little flowers, no way could i just toss them aside. 

sweet relief. the seven page religion paper is done. i can't tell you how many rough drafts i did, now many times i cried over this stinking paper and so on. i despise book reports. it's all in my head but so hard to get out on paper. even harder to be sure that it makes sense. 

hello love. i picked this little baby up at Sam's Club not too long ago. now just to find the perfect k-cup flavor. i've been through a few that came with it as samples but i only really liked one. but i'm still looking. may just end up using the my k-cup and my own bag of coffee. 

how sweet is this guy. when i was feeling pretty yucky he wanted to sit right next to me and be sure i was okay. can you see his little arm wrapped around my head? he kept patting my head telling me, 'i hope you feel better soon mommy.' oh he melts my heart. we were watching an episode of Americas Funniest Videos in on iPad. i may have fallen asleep a few times! 

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