Monday, April 30, 2012

the one with a very long and loud sigh

oh sweet relief. today i took my last final for this semester. and last final for at 
least another year. ten classes later and i'm ready for a break. Riley enters kindergarten this fall, Sammy has one more year at home (well, really in his MDO/preschool program) and i have a years worth of 
a breather. i was starting to get burnt out and i'd hate for my gpa to suffer because of that. 

during this year off from school i'm hoping to get the house under control, spend some more time with God, the boys, my husband, family, and friends. i may not be able to last the whole year without taking classes, it's an odd addiction, but we'll just take it one day at a time. 

i do plan on going back, i've got plenty of time, i hope. and if not, that's okay too. i love my job and where i work but, hey, if i have to be honest, i'd rather be working in the emergency department and i can't really do that without getting my nursing degree. can't really buy or build a house without a second income either. 

but in the meantime i am going to enjoy my break from those pesky scantron tests!!! 

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