Monday, April 9, 2012

the one where they surprised me!

this year i turned the big 3-0! 
i had hinted to my husband and a few friends that i'd love to have a surprise party but
didn't really think they would do it! 

chad is a great guy but planning parties is not something he likes to even think 
about. so glad he loves me enough to put this all together. 

i stayed home on saturday after an egg hunt with the kids to do some homework while he and the boys went to his parents. i thought they were just going out there to help his dad get some things done around the yard and let me have some quiet homework time. 

he said when they got done over there his parents would watch the kids and he and i would go on a date. about an hour after he left he called me and said that we might just do a little cookout with his parents and kids then go out. i was down with that! 

he picked me up and we drove to his parents. on the way there i was complaining that i hadn't talked to my friends much this past week. i was really bummed because i though they had all been ignoring me for some odd reason. 

we pulled into his parents driveway and as soon as we turned the corner around the garage i saw the people i thought were ignoring me. no wonder they didn't talk much that week. they all said they were afraid they would say something and let it slip. 

emily (the maker of my awesome shirt!) was out of town all week and the little goober sent me a text saying she was in town and wanted to stop by. i felt terrible for telling her i couldn't see her because chad was taking me out to dinner soon. the little goober was sitting in my in-laws backyard when she sent that. 

holly was at the store buying my gift the night i sent her a text asking her what she was up to. that turd lied to me and said she was on her way to work. 

y'all, my husband spoils me like none other but he's never gonna top this one! 

a surprise party, shrimp boil, and an ipad!

for once, i was completely and totally surprised.

lets see, in this picture you can see my in-laws at the top left, friend holly in the turquoise shirt, her daughter and hubby and son also in matching shirts! my other friend emily in the brown shirt next to me and my grandparents are on the other side of me.  love the face i'm making! so typical of me.

the totally awesome and fantastic cake my friend kara made  for me. she couldn't stay but stopped by to surprise me with. chad has a picture of the two of us together on his iphone. guess i need to add that sometime soon! 

holly checking out the moisturizer/cream my grandma made. this stuff is awesome. totally beats any $300 cream, hands down! also in this picture you see emily (with the flower in her hair!), her daughter and her husband. she made my super cool shirt. wish i had a picture of the back. it said 'spain 30' best shirt ever!! 

riley had a great time helping me open my gifts. i have no idea what we were talking about in this picture but i sure do think it's cute! 

i really try my hardest not to cry in front of people. i just don't like to. but i have to admit that i did shed some tears when i opened this one. my grandma passed on my great grandma's stethoscope that she used when she was an LPN in her early 30's. best gift ever. i love sentimental gifts and i love that she and i are both in the medical field. 

i had to add this one. i have no clue why i made this face but it's another typical tyra face...

like mother like son?

my sweet riley bear playing on a pile of firewood. 

please don't call cps on me! LOL this kid loves fire. in a dangers way. we could not keep him from playing in it. he said he was sad that the fire was out and he thought that the log was smothering it. obviously he still wanted to play in the flames.

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