Monday, April 23, 2012

the one with 8 random thoughts

just some things....

last week i turned in my book report. totally not proud of it. usually i think my papers are great and i work hard on them. this last one, not so much. i had great intentions but it just didn't work out. today is the day the teacher hands back our papers...graded. i'm so nervous. i've really enjoyed my religion class and my teacher is just awesome. he's a pastor at a local church and just so very sweet. very knowledgeable but not boastful. great guy.

i think the kiddos are back on the mend. sammy had a blood test last week to determine if the amoxicillin was the cause of the crazy rash that i swore was chicken pox. i'm sure i drove my pedi and his office crazy with all the phone calls and questions. 

i am totally in love with my ipad. the hubster did a great job picking that gift out. he knew just what i wanted. sometimes i hate sharing it. right now the kindle app is my favorite. there are tons of free books out there. gospel ebooks is a great source for some FREE books. there's a free one just about every day.
(nope, they didn't pay me or compensate me in any way for saying that. well, maybe they did...with the free books i've gotten from them. i'll stop now!)

i'm sending a very good friend of mine a special package today. i'm terrible at keeping surprises a surprise so she already knows it's headed her way. at least i haven't told her what it is...yet! 

my brother-in-law and his wife are adopting from china! i am beyond excited for them and the whole family. nothing like another little one to love on. she is adorable. seriously adorable. y'all, this whole adoption process for them has God all over it. check out their story (so far) over here. my mind is going crazy with all kids of fundraising ideas. i just want to help any way i can to get this sweet baby home!

for some reason i can't get the idea of a new tattoo off my mind. i can't help it. i'm addicted to ink. trying to think of a design that incorporates ryan, lela, riley, and sammy all in one without it being obnoxious. i have a few ideas, but i'm not set one just yet. 

we have been visiting a new church lately and i think we might have found our home. it's so cozy there. the boys love it too. riley used to throw a fit each time we went to our other church. he even asks to go to church now. i love it. moving to a new church is quite an adjustment but the Lord has been right there with us the whole time and it just feels right. 

i've found a new favorite verse. Isiah 41:13
For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.

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