Thursday, April 12, 2012

the one where we try to take cute easter pictures

i'm a little late in posting about Easter, i'm late about everything. 
that's just how i roll. every year i make a resolution to be on time 
more and to wake up before the kids and all that....i digress...

back to the Easter pictures.

we were all dressed up, i had a good hair day, the kids were being good (a little goofy but good!)
and we were at my in-laws so we had a great background with the pond. 

i had chad's niece, Atley, come outside and take a couple pictures for us. she did an amazing job and we 
were able to get some great pictures. some that i might actually frame and 
add to the living room! thanks Atley! 

picture #1 - the usual, Riley not wanting his picture taken and Sam sticking his tongue out

picture #2 - not there yet 

picture #3- Daddy and Sam being silly 
picture #4 - what a handsome five year old! 

picture #5 - our favorite! this couldn't describe our family any better. the boys were not going to give me a regular smile so i just rolled with it. pretty sure this is my favorite family picture!! 

picture #6 - just me!

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